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Turbo Timer (Turbocharger Delay Timer)

Whether you have a turbocharged sports car, turbo diesel truck, or turbo wagon, the Turbo Timer is essential.

Shutting down a turbocharged engine without allowing sufficient time to cool down will result in a number of problems. The hot engine oil is insufficient to prevent scoring of the precision bearings, and damage to the oil seals. The hot turbo components overheat causing coking of the bearings and impeller which may then may seize or block vital oil galleries. All these conditions will lead to premature, and often catastrophic, turbocharger failure with likely subsequent engine damage.

Turbo Timer

The Tracker Technologies Turbo Timer is designed to extend the life of the turbocharger (and engine) by allowing the engine to idle automatically for a pre-set amount of time after the ignition switch has been turned off. This ensures that the turbo is rotating only slowly and that the cooling engine oil will circulate through the turbocharger, drawing latent heat from the bearings and impeller shaft, and cooling the unit down to a safe temperature before the engine is shut down.


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